Buildings and Structures

All elements of building reconditioning to provide 'like new' aesthetics including Stonework, Masonry, Building facades, Gravestones, Statues, Graffiti Removal.

Timber and Wood

Our Service is wood safe, providing the best finish of any blasting process. All wood elements are left free from damage and grains are left looking natural and stain free. Applications can range from fire damaged property to restoring antique furniture.

Rust Removal

Any components compromised by corrosion can be sympathetically reconditioned to remove rust in even the most hard to reach areas without damage to the substrate.

Food Safe and Electronics Industry

Our process is water free and leaves no contaminants behind, providing services which extend to applications withing the Food Industry, Processing Plants, Electronic Components and much more. Businesses benefiting from our service include Whisky Distilleries, Aerospace component manufacturing plant, Chemical plants and Petrochemical Plants.

Plant Components

Multiple applications for reconditioning all plant equipment be it , plate heat exchangers, pumps, hydraulic packs, piping, vessels, marine components, the list is endless and we can accommodate any request.

Automotive Industry

All automotive components can benefit from reconditioning, even if it is simply for aesthetics. Our process allows for all parts to remain intact to the vehicle - so there is no need to remove/clean/recoat & rebuild like with other blasting mediums. We can recondition your pride and joy with zero damage and with minimal preparation.